Red and white colours have been in my blood as far back that I can remember. Growing up in Reservoir a Sunday bike ride with my mates to Cramer street oval made our weekend. Collingwood on a Saturday and Preston on a Sunday. Not much homework done during the footy season. Prestons full forward John Walker was the player we wanted to see, moving from one end of the ground to the other to watch him kick goals.leading goal kicker 4 years in a row, 1965 he kicked 116 goals. He brought people through the gates, the colours of the bullants, red and white beamed energy, enthusiasm and gave the community a breath of fresh air.

Great VFA days toughskilful and never say die attitudes.I dreamed of playing for Preston and Collingwood. I loved the footy. Never thinking that in 1973 I would be given a chance to join Preston and play with some of my heroes. A Skinning 70kg player playing against men, hard nosed senior players. It was tough but the way the senior group of players looked after me was incredible.

The Bullants spirit, the supporters and community backed the Bullants by having big crowds every week, yes they travelled far and wide. Returning in 1982 for 3 successful years, 2 premierships the Preston Football Club continued to support their followers, sure success helps, but the area around Preston was alive.

The community had a centrepiece-cramer street oval. By playing or coaching for only 4 years, it feels like a life time, it was, it was all a local boy wanted. The Bullant name, a huge part of the VFA/VFL history. Lets get the club up and running, the community need to see the red & white jumper back to where it belongs. Cheers up the Ants,