Photo: Owen Jones (@Digital_beard)

By: Somer Young

The Ants have made 2 changes to the team taking on Williamstown this Sunday at Genis Steel Oval (Preston City Oval)

The squad will be reinforced the inclusion of the very missed tall Andrew Courtney alongside the reliable Ryan Gardner.

The Bullants that will be making way for these two are young Kuiy Jiath and Liam Kolar.

The much-anticipated Round 14 contest will kick off Sunday at 2:15pm with gates open from 1:00pm, with the boys again donning the PFC heritage guernsey. 


10. M. King

23. D. Lawrence (VC)

20. M. El Nour


15. E. Penrith

32. B. De Bolfo

13. M. Gundry


35. M. Doreian

1. T. Wilson (C)

4. L. Mackie


16. T. Smith

25. B. Hurley

3. J. Velissaris


5. W. Murphy

26. J. Boyd

19. A. Courtney


14. L. Podhajski

18. W. Mitchell

21. J. Barling


24. N. Honey

2. Z Hart

34. T. Mills


22. S. Martin

17. R. Gardner



9. S. Brazier

39. L. Kolar

49. B. Nikolovski


37. P. Gentle

44. K. Jiath

36. K. Quirk


42. J. Murphy

30. H. Kennedy