Photo: Nathan McNeill (NWM Sports)

By: Somer Young

Details: Genis Steel Oval, Sunday 29th of May, 1:05pm (AEST)

Match History

Bullants 100d Carlton 68 (Round 11, 2021)

Last time they met the Bullants got up in a famous win, kicking away in the second half to a 32-point win. While Ben Crocker and Matthew Cottrell were handy for Carlton, the Ants dominated inside 50s and had a spread of multiple goalkickers including Jack Boyd, Will Murphy and Tom Wilson.

The Ant Hill

The boys should be proud of the effort they put in against a strong Geelong side, staying with them all game and mounting an unsuccessful late charge to lose by 13 points. Will Mitchell collected 28 touches and a goal and is one of the many Ants building up some form going into this game.

The Opposition

After a very strong start to the season, Carlton VFL has dipped to a 5-3 record having had two tight loses in their last two games. They’ll be looking to bounce back, but with a couple outs and changes to the VFL team they could definitely be vulnerable.

Matchups To Watch

Douglas Lawrence v Ben Crocker

Last week our VC Douglas Lawrence had his best return for the season, clunking 10 marks and accumulating 21 touches in a game where he was one of our best on. One the other hand, Ben Crocker is leading the VFL competition for goalkicking with 20 and will be a handful for the Ants defence. Whoever can have the most impact on the game here will definitely impact how the scoreboard turns out.

Kyle Dunkley v Will Setterfield

Dunkley is stringing a consistent season together for the Bullants, highlighted by a 7 mark and 7 tackle game last week where he begun to float forward a bit more. For Carlton, Setterfield will be trying to work his way back into a successful Carlton AFL team, building on his tough inside game. We can definitely look forward to a lot of toughness and putting their head over the ball from these two.

What’s on the line

Having split from Carlton to become our own standalone team in 2020 its fair to say that there is a lot of pride at stake for the boys on Sunday. For Carlton, they are looking to lock in a top eight or even top four spot going forward, but definitely shouldn’t expect an easy game at Genis Steel Oval. With a lot at play we hope we can see you all this Sunday for what promises to be a ripping game with a lot of feeling.