Photo: Nathan McNeill (NWM Sports)

By: Somer Young

The Ants have made 4 changes to the team taking on Casey this Saturday away at Casey Fields at 1:05pm.

The squad will be reinforced the inclusion of the hard-working Jack Barling, alongside Baxter Knight and Harrison Kennedy.

Brodie Tonkin will also be making his debut for the Bullants so be sure to get around him.

The Bullants that will be making way for these four are Tom Wilson, Liam Podhajski, Will Mitchell and Peter Gentile all via injury.

B 10. M. King 32. B. De Bolfo 2. Z Hart
HB 15. E. Penrith 25. B. Hurley 13. M. Gundry
C 22. S. Martin 21. J. Barling 4. L. Mackie
HF 29. J. Roumeliotis 16. T. Smith 3. J. Velissaris
F 5. W. Murphy 26. J. Boyd 49. B. Nikolovski
R 19. A. Courtney 24. N. Honey 9. S. Brazier
INT 28. B. Knight 39. L. Kolar 42. B. Tonkin
  35. M. Doreian 30. H. Kennedy  
EMG 34. T. Mills 17. R. Gardner 36. K. Quirk
  42. J. Murphy 43. K. Brown 44. K. Jiath